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Signs Its Time For A Breast Reduction!

Most people who have breast reduction surgery find it a life-changing experience, liberating them from physical and mental stress and allowing them to do activities and achieve goals they never thought possible before their surgery.

Below are a few signs, that a breast reduction surgery may be right for you.

Your breasts cause you pain.

Heavy breasts increase overall body weight, and causing excess strain. This situation usually end up with sagging earlier than expected which is logic, right?  A major warning sign that your breasts are too heavy is if you’re experiencing regular back, shoulder and neck pain. If bra straps are leaving persistent and painful indentations in your shoulders, you could be a suitable candidate for a breast reduction.

You can’t have an active lifestyle

Besides causing physical discomfort, excessively large breasts can also be a burden on your daily life. Vigorous exercise can be very difficult with large breasts. Yoga, running, exercise and swimming may be completely out of the question for women who are big busted. Even finding adequate support for such activities may be difficult if you wear a very large bra size — most sports bra manufacturers rarely make styles in a cup size larger than a D.

You have trouble finding clothes that fit.

Women with excessively large breasts may be hesitant to head to the beach due to the fact that it can be very challenging to find swimwear that will fit them and flatter their figure. Because of such limited options, large breasted women generally end up forcing themselves into clothes that are meant for small chested women, which can add even more discomfort and embarrassment to their bodies.

You feel too self-conscious.

Women with larger breasts often have to deal with more unwanted attention and scrutiny than women with smaller breast sizes. You may end up excluding yourself from social situations or physical activities that you want to do because your self-conscious about how you’ll appear.

Another, and not so rare reason why big boobs can trigger feelings of self-consciousness is asymmetry. Breast reduction can align your breasts to achieve a balanced harmony. Larger breasts can also have nipples that point downwards, which breast reduction surgery can fix. For more information on breast reduction surgery visit http://www.drandresafvat.com.au/breast/breast-reduction.

Your body has changed with motherhood.

Motherhood is definitely one of the biggest blessings in each life, but at the same time your body can undergo radical physical changes, some of which may be permanent. Your breasts are composed of two types of tissue: fatty and glandular. Fatty tissue can grow and decrease through weight gain and weight loss. When you have given birth to children, you’ll build up fatty tissue, which can be decreased over time with dieting and exercise. Glandular tissue, on the other hand, is a different story.

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