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Solutions for Protruding or Prominent Ears

Protruding ears, or bat ears, are a problem that is experienced by people across the globe.

Children are particularly sensitive to looking different and having prominent ears can lead to a lot of confidence issues during their school years.

Fortunately, there is a new surgical implant that takes the usual painful surgical procedure that is required to correct bat ears and turns it into a quick 20-minute procedure that doesn’t require an incision at all. Even though the procedure hasn’t yet been cleared by the FDA in the US, it can be found at bat ears clinics in Australia, Mexico, UK, South Africa and Canada.

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Bat ears as a medical issue

Bat ears or protruding ears are common in both males and females and even though they aren’t linked to other abnormalities or conditions, they can be a source of emotional distress, especially in children.

Even though patients with protruding ears are mostly children, plastic surgeons do also deal with adults who are fed up with dealing with insecurities about their ears.  

Causes of protruding ears

Genetics is the no.1 reason for bat ears, with a defect in the Auricular cartilage of the ear generally being the main cause of this.  

People with protruding ears have an underdeveloped, effaced, or absent antithetical fold or an overdeveloped and/or excessively deep conchal bowl.  A prominent mastoid process may also contribute to the condition.

The external parts of the ear develop the fastest. By the age of 3, the ear will already be 90% of its adult size. The elastic properties of the ear cartilage also change quite rapidly, with the ear being the most flexible before a child reaches the age of 6 months.

How bat ears are usually treated

Since babies still have very soft ear cartilage, they won’t require a surgical procedure to correct their protruding ears, taping or splinting can be used. Some professionals will, however, also opt to use moulding devices to shape the deformed areas.

Children older than 6 months and adults will require general anaesthetic for the 90-minute procedure needed to correct this condition and it will need to be performed at a registered bat ears clinic.

A look at the new Earfold procedure

This non-invasive 20-minute procedure involves the implantation of the earfold™, which will be done under local anaesthetic. This innovative implant will remould the cartilage of the ear and since it allows for the natural movement of the Auricle, it will always spring back to its corrected position.  

Made of nitinol metal alloy, which is the same material used for coronary artery stents, the earfold™ implant is going to change the correction of protruding ears completely, and is available at a bat ears clinic in your area.  

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