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Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction doesn’t let you lead a normal life. Everybody wants to lead a life full of excitement, love, laughter and pleasure. Just like your body needs food, water and shelter for a normal and healthy lifestyle, it needs sex too. It is the most basic thing on which the entire concept of us, humans, exists. Unless a man and a woman have sex, they can’t get pleasures of their lives; they can’t make babies. If you have been unable to get an erection, or maintain the hardness, you might want to learn about the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, or impotency.

List of symptoms of erectile dysfunction:

  • Decrease in sexual feelings: How do you feel about sex these days? Are you not interested in it anymore? Have you ever wondered why?
  • No or less sex life: When was the last time you had sex? Has it been really long? Do you want to have sex, but are unable to put your thoughts into action?
  • Lack of confidence in speaking with women: What happens to you when you start talking to women and they start showing interest in you? Are you reluctant to talk to the opposite gender?
  • Soft erections: What kind of an erection do you get? Is it really hard? Is it soft and not like the normal one you should get?
  • No erection at all: Do you have absolutely no erection at all? Have you spoken about it with someone? Do you think it is occasional or does it happen all the time?
  • Anxiety while getting sexual with a woman: Do you feel stressed when a woman comes closer to you or asks you out on a date? Are you afraid of not being able to perform in bed with her?
  • Problems in maintaining an erection: Do you find it difficult to maintain the erection you get while making love? When you watch a sensual scene, do you become hard?

Medicines like acheter kamagra pas cher work like magic and help you get back all the feelings you have lost in this time. If you have not always been so away from sex, or if you have recently been observing the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, generic Viagra is the best way to enhance your sexual life.

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