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The Best Hair Removal Procedures

It’s interesting to note that there’s a market for people who want to grow their hair and another for those who want to lose it. Obviously, those who want to lose hair definitely don’t want to lose what they have on their scalp.

Both men and women have the intention of losing body hair in parts where there shouldn’t normally be any thick growth. Such as, for example, the bikini area. And, although it’s largely controversial and divisive, armpit hair removal.

But how can something so simple as hair removal be so troublesome? Why does it seem like a fickle thing to accomplish? The thing is, hair is rather resilient and the human body keeps producing it regardless of how much of its entirety is removed. That is unless effective methods are used to deal with it.

Preparing for a procedure.

Different Ways To Deal With Unwanted Hair

Everyone knows the conventional and crude methods of removing hair such as pulling each strand one by one and, well, shaving them. The latter is typically not advisable for clean hair removal jobs. Because the truth is that hair feels like it’s growing back again into offensive stubbles a few minutes after shaving. Ugh.

It isn’t any surprise that some of the best hair removal methods are found in dermatological clinics. Since hair removal is a fickle process, only clinics have the tools and facilities to remove hair in a thorough manner. Going to clinic that offers Brisbane best facial like The Facial Hub definitely has its merits.

There are generally two ways to go about with hair removal. One is IPL and the other is laser hair removal. Both have their own merits in the realm of dermatology, for sure. But in most cases, one is usually better than the other.

Overall comfort deters minor discomforts of any derm clinic procedures.

Which One Is Better?

The way IPL removes hair is by subjecting the skin to pulsating light. It uses a broad spectrum of high-intensity lights. It’s a relatively fast procedure when compared to laser – and lightning fast compared to plucking hair one by one. This is because it covers a wide area while the light from the device pulsates. It’s also worth noting that it’s considerably cheaper than laser treatment.

Laser, on the other hand, is objectively a more effective procedure than the former. It uses a focused beam of light to make sure that hair is removed to the roots and doesn’t grow back any time soon.

However, if laser treatment is as great as dermatologists claim it to be, doesn’t that mean it’s the absolute best option? The thing is if money wasn’t an issue, then yes, laser treatment is, in fact, better than IPL.

Even the most effective IPL laser hair removal in Brisbane are not able to provide the same level of results and comfort as laser treatments. But then again, it’s really not worth stretching the budget just for the sake of the more effective option. Each has their own place in the world of skin care.

Laser treatment is also the more practical option for people with darker skin. In addition to being precise and thorough because, well, that’s what focused beams of light do. Nevertheless, IPL can still show notable results and shouldn’t be put off as an unworthy contender.

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