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The Devastating Spinal Cord Injury and Medical Crowdfunding

A spinal cord injury is one of the most impactful conditions one can suffer from, recognized by the WHO as a major musculoskeletal condition. These are especially dangerous because they can lead to a temporary or permanent disability. The disability severity of a spinal cord injury stands at a whopping 72% (for comparison, skull fractures have a severity of 43%).

Though medical technology has advanced greatly in the past few years, a complete cure remains elusive. Through long, regular sessions of therapy and surgery, patients can regain only a part of their previous agility. Many patients are seen turning to crowdfunding India as quality medical treatment for an SCI can cost up to Rs 15-18 lakh, too large a sum for a majority of India’s families. Moreover, rehabilitation and therapy to help a patient live with his condition and find a way around it to continue doing his daily activities can cost an enormous sum as well.

Spinal cord injuries were previously regarded as untreatable, before the First World War. A steep increase in the number of SCIs led to the rise of medical facilities dedicated to finding ways to deal with the disability. After the Second World War, these facilities saw another improvement in medical technology as thousands of cases poured in.

How is medical crowdfunding helpful?

The average SCI patient will need to afford the following costs to be able to live with their disability:

  1. ICU stay and ventilator support
  2. Surgical intervention, possibly including implants
  3. Mobility aids like a wheelchair
  4. An attendant
  5. Emergency medical services
  6. Equipment for medical care

These can come up to as much as Rs. 18 lakh. Why take on the burden of paying back loans when crowdfunding India is a far more efficient and risk-free option? Crowdfunding allows patients’ families to raise lakhs of rupees in as little a time as a single day. Over 20,000 patients have been able to raise the money they need in the past two years alone. You can start a fundraiser for free, write your story, choose a goal amount and accept contributions from your network of family, friends, colleagues and even strangers on a secure platform online.

Can you prevent the danger of an SCI?

WHO estimates that at least 250,000 people suffer from SCIs every year, and the leading causes are road accidents, falls and violence. While these cannot entirely be prevented, you can reduce the risk by taking some steps to ensure your personal safety:

  1. Never fail to wear a seatbelt or a helmet (and ask other passengers to do the same).
  2. Drive carefully and obey speed limits.
  3. Never, ever drive while you’re under the influence of a substance or if you’re sleep deprived.
  4. Pay full attention to the road and pedestrians.
  5. Switch off your phone before you drive, if you get tempted to text or take calls.
  6. Avoid roads and lanes that seem dangerous or suspicious. A single blow to your back or your head can lead to a permanent disability.
  7. Sleep on a good quality mattress. If you get backaches or are uncomfortable in bed, change your mattress. Ask a doctor what kind would be best for you.
  8. Most women wear bras that don’t fit them and this leads to severe backache. Make sure you know your size next time you’re shopping.

Do you know someone in need of funds to afford their recovery? Turn to crowdfunding India today!

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