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The history of the asthma inhaler

If you’re one of the 5.4 million people in the UK receiving treatment for asthma, you will be fully aware of the need to have your inhaler to hand whenever you need it, especially reliever inhalers. If you happen to lose your inhaler you can buy treatments such as salamol easi-breathe online, This makes it a lot easier to be in control of your inhaler availability, particularly if you can’t get to a surgery during opening times.

Have you ever wondered how the modern day inhaler came about?

It’s actually thanks to an English doctor called John Mudge who created a pewter tankard in the late 18th century for patients to treat their chesty cough symptoms with opium vapour (not a recommended practice these days). The Science Museum has some great pictures of historical versions of inhalers.

Inhalers continued to develop throughout the 20th century, drawing on inspiration from perfume atomisers to give a liquid spray dose of medication. One interesting contraption in France was similar to a bicycle pump, where you pumped a handle up and down to spray the medicine out near your mouth. Fast forward through asthma cigarettes and gas nebulisers to America in 1955, when Dr George Maison came up with the pressurised version that we know today (metered dose inhaler). He was trying to find an easier way for his daughter to take her medication, as she struggled with a nebuliser.

The Health Central website has a great history of asthma treatment going right back to 5,000 BC, when your only solution was to pray to whichever god you’d upset (who’d then given you asthma). Luckily, modern medicine means that’s not required anymore!

Relieving the symptoms of asthma

Reliever inhalers such as salamol are used for when you are experiencing the symptoms of asthma. Separate preventer inhalers may also be prescribed if your asthma is more than mild. Reliever inhalers work by relaxing your airways, making it easier for you to breathe.

The salamol easi-breathe works when you put your lips up to the mouthpiece and breathe in deeply through your mouth, as the inhaler delivers a ‘puff’ of medication. This is different to a standard inhaler, which delivers a fine mist of medication into your mouth as you breathe in and press the button on the canister at the same time. Therefore, the salamol easi-breathe may be more suitable if the co-ordination required for the standard inhaler is difficult. Buying your salamol easi-breathe online gives you two great benefits – an easier way to take your medication plus delivery to your door!

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