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Top Rated Reviews of the best Twin Gear Juicers

Considering a large number of various juicers in the market, most homeowners are often confused about which product to go for. It is even more challenging for people who have never used a juicer in the past and are now in the market to buy one. A good way to make things easier is to opt for a two gear juicer.

Why choose a two gear juicer?

  • They can produce more juice
  • They are not noisy
  • There are versatile
  • They last longer
  • Juice produced by them is more nutritious

Consideration when selecting a twin gear juice extractor

There are certain features that one should put into consideration before selecting a juicer that would be ideal for your juicing needs. This way, you can be sure of eliminating surprises that are unpleasant. Some of these features include:

  • How easy is it to use the juicer? Make sure the parts included in the juicer are not much because the more parts you have the more complicated the juicer would be.
  • How noisy is it? Definitely, you wouldn’t want the whole house or your neighbors to be bothered by your juicer anytime you are using it.
  • How easy is it to clean? You should be concerned about how the cleaning of your juicer would be because hygiene is essential. This also might be related to the number of parts that the juicer has.
  • How much would it cost? The cost of a juicer usually is dependent on its operating mechanism. So you should endeavor to confirm that the cheap juicer you are planning to purchase would serve the purpose that you are buying it for.

Our top pick for the best two gear juicers for 2017

Below is a mini review of our top 3 juicing extractors this year. For a more comprehensive list, you may need to refer to Juicer.guru twin gear juicers comparison.

Green Star Elite (Gse-5000)

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The Green Star Elite is one of the newest quality products by Tribest. It is a three stage cold press juice extractor that ensures maximum yield of juice from produce. It is very easy to use and produce juice and beverages that are highly nutritious. Maintenance is pretty easy and it doesn’t mess up your kitchen like many traditional juicers. First timers might not find it very easy to operate.

Omega Twn30s

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Omega twin gear juicer is the perfect choice for your household if you want to extract more juice from produce with high nutrient content. It is a versatile juicer that is well built with an elegant design. You can use it to juice anything from leafy vegetables, sprouts, fruits, and many others. Although it is very expensive, it will make a good investment for your home in the long run.

Super Angel Deluxe Model

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Super Angel with soft fruit extracting housing is a perfect choice for people with no previous juicing experience. It has a glossy surface finish of stainless steel that makes it add an attractive look to your kitchen or dining. It produces juice with less foam and high nutrient content. It operates silently and also ensures a high yield of juice. The only downside to this device is its slowness. However, it is worth every penny you pay for it.

Now that you know so much about the twin gear juicers, it would be way easier for one to select a juicer that would suit its intended purpose.

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