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Trisculpt™ Micro-Laser Liposuction – A Safe Way To Remove Body Fat

People who are considering cosmetic surgical procedures to remove excess fat cells in undesirable areas of their body in order to alter their appearance normally opt for the least invasive treatment. If this is the case, then Trisculpt™ Micro-Laser Liposuction procedure should be on the top of their list of treatments to eliminate such unwanted body fat. This is one of latest and most advanced non-invasive cosmetic surgery treatments that medical practitioners recommend for their patients and it has the potential of replace conventional invasive liposuction methods.Image result for Trisculpt™ Micro-Laser Liposuction – A Safe Way To Remove Body Fat

Sono Bello is a reputed cosmetic surgery clinic in the America that is pioneering this form of surgical treatment for patients who want to remove excess fat in specific areas and alter the appearance of their bodies. Unlike its competitors, the team of proficient and experienced facial and plastic surgery specialists at this clinic considers this form of surgery as both an art and science. Until date, they have successfully performed over seventy-five thousand body transformation surgeries and the clinic has thirty-two centers in the country.  Moreover, for patients opting for cosmetic surgery treatments to change their appearance or remove unwanted body fat, this clinic is their first choice.

The competent surgeons of this clinic explain that like all modern and state of the art liposuction procedures, Trisculpt™ levers a laser beam to remove the excess body fat from specific areas of the patient’s body without causing too much discomfort. In this surgical procedure, the doctors do not have to make a large incision in the patient’s body nor do they have to administer general anesthesia during the operation. The medical practitioners under this treatment apply the energy from the laser beam to the problem area that heats up and dissolves the stubborn fatty tissues under the patient’s skin. In liquid form, the experts suction out this fat deposit via a small incision. This also goes a long way in shrinking the collagen in this area, which can make the patient’s skin look tighter.

The main advantage of the Trisculpt™ Micro-Laser Liposuction technique is that it is less time consuming in comparison to traditional invasive liposuction procedures. Generally, this cosmetic surgery operation takes only one day and the recovery time is very short in contrast to the conventional treatments. Therefore, patients do not have to be absent from their occupation or professions for a long time.  In addition to this, medical experts conducting this surgery also use the laser beam to seal the patient’s blood vessels so there is less chance of excessive bleeding that can result in swelling and bruising. Another distinctive benefit of this treatment is that as the laser tightens the skin around the patient’s epidermis so there less excess skin after the operation.

The board certified surgeons from Sono Bello also clarify the ideal patients for this cosmetic surgery procedure should not weigh more their twenty-five pounds over their normal body weight in relation to their height.  Therefore, for people who want to eliminate the stubborn body fat in undesirable areas that refuses to go out despite regularly working out and maintaining a healthy diet should opt for Trisculpt™ Micro-Laser Liposuction.


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