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Your Walking Guide to Burn Excess Body Fat

There are numerous ways to shed excess weight. However, the most common are exercising and dieting. Additionally, personal discipline is essential -turning down those after work party invites – and also ensuring you stick to your workout routine. Still, on the same, you can get anabolic steroids that will help complement your training. More so you will get to lose body fat faster and build muscle at the same time.

Most people always overthink when it comes to picking a workout for their weight loss program. Nonetheless, there are simple exercises that require zero capital, no equipment and are simple that can help you kick-start your weight loss journey. Some of these exercises include; walking, jogging and running.

Walking around your neighborhood can help you burn a considerable number of calories. According to recent statistics, people who walk for averagely 25 minutes a day and eat a healthy diet lose a significant amount of weight. A similar study also reported that people who took 20 to 30-minutes leisure walks daily had smaller waist circumferences and lower BMI than those who did other types of exercises.

Your Ultimate Walking Guide

The main agenda behind this walking guide is to help you kickstart your weight loss program through walking. If you are a newbie, begin with smaller distances depending on where your fitness levels are then work your way up. On the other hand, if you are a regular walk feel free to put extra work.

Power Walk

This walk is energetic. Before kicking into power walk make sure you warm up. Your warm session may include light stretching or even a three-minute brisk walk. Your power walk should have you breathing at a faster rate but still allow you to hold a conversation.

Remember your intensity level largely depends on your fitness levels. After you are done with your power walk session, remember to spend at least three minutes walking at a slower pace to warm down.

High-Intensity Interval Training Walk

Ideally, interval walks mean that you cover your normal distance under lesser time. To break it down for your, start your walk with a warm-up session -a three-minute easy walk is enough-. After that, up your speed, until you hit your power walk gear until you are done with your regular session.

Don’t forget to warm down either by stretching or doing a three-minute easy walk to cool you off.

Easy Walk

The main idea behind the easy walk is active recovery. The importance is to help you keep and maintain balance during your exercise routine. Well, this walk will help you relax and take in what nature has to offer. As a result, it will cut down your stress levels -number cause for obesity- ensuring you speed up your weight loss program.


To get the best out of your walking routine blend it with other workouts such as strength or other exercises, for instance, cycling or swimming. This will help prevent boredom, or you hit a plateau in your weight loss journey.

Make Sure You Get Enough Rest

Rest is critical to making sure your muscles repair themselves. Additionally, it will help keep muscle injuries and strains at bay.

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